April 26, 2020 Service

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Thanks Susan for sending this video of Kelsey and Carley ringing St. Mark’s Church bells.  Thanks gals! Click this link to open … Church bells ringing

Opening Hymn(click on this link for a music video with words – it made us smile and we hope you do too! Thanks to Keith & Pauline Mueller and Nancy Cook for sharing this with us)  https://safeYouTube.net/w/qW78   

Welcome, Prayer, Readings: Acts 3:1-10 and Mark 6:53-56  audio (please click play button below)

10 years ago Dave & Sue Hammer wrote a song “Be Only Love”. In light of all that is happening in the world, with the coronavirus pandemic and the tragedy in Nova Scotia, Dave changed some of the lyrics. You can listen to “Be Only Love 2020” audio by clicking the play button below. 

Hymn of Healing:  Healer of Our Every Ill – ELW #612

Pastor Dave’s April 26 Sermon audio (please click play button below)

April 26 PDF of Sermon (click link to read)  April 26, 2020 Sermon

Hymn of Day: There is a Balm in Gilead – ELW#614

Creed, Prayers, Blessing audio (please click play button below)

Closing Hymn: Lord of All Hopefulness – ELW #765