Feb 28 Lent 2 Service

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The Good Heart: Chosen. Period.

Opening Video: Please click this link https://youtu.be/MHfey5PilS4 to watch a stunning video entitled “Words of Wilderness” as a wonderful reminder of the importance of wilderness, as we continue our ‘Lenten Wilderness Journey’. Thank you Keith and Pauline for sharing.

Please click the play arrow below to hear the greeting and opening prayer:

Children’s message: Please open this link https://youtu.be/SK_lZLJilYk to hear this week’s reading from Mark 8:31-38 in the form of a creative, animated Children’s Bible story; “Take Up Your Cross”.

Please click the play arrow below to hear Pastor Dave’s Sermon audio:

Song of Day: Please click this link https://youtu.be/l75oelQtlIg to hear and sing “Take Up Your Cross” with Jaime Cortez

Please click the play arrow below to hear the Creed, Prayer and Blessing:

Creed: I believe in God, the creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s Holy Son our Saviour.
I believe in the Holy Spirit, and love eternal. Amen.

Closing Song: Please click this link https://youtu.be/ZbaHBmxckC8 to sing “Beneath the Cross” with Keith and Kristyn Getty

SMILE FOR THE DAY 🙂  Wasn’t it smart of God to…give squirrels the instinct to bury nuts and a limited capacity to remember where they hid them, so there will be more trees in the woods!?