Thanksgiving Service

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Opening Song: A Harvest of Thanksgiving –

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Kids Song: Philippians 4:4-7 – Rejoice in the Lord!

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Happy Thanksgiving! These are the words we sometimes use when we greet someone as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. In the past the greeting would often be accompanied by a hearty handshake or a warm hug. For some people that will still happen this Thanksgiving, especially amongst family members, but for other people, not so much. The COVID pandemic has changed the way people greet one another in some ways, but it doesn’t have to change how we treat one another.

Why is Thanksgiving such an important day for so many people? That is what I would like us to think about today. To help us do that, I have collected a number of short Thanksgiving stories for this message this year and included some videos you can watch and listen to as well. Rather than sharing my own Thanksgiving stories I thought it would be nice to hear from other people instead. Please click on the links to view the videos and listen to the stories. I hope you enjoy them and they help you to be thankful.

If you know of a family member or friends who are not able to get on the internet, we encourage you to take your computer, phone or device to them or invite them to join you and share this Thanksgiving Service with them if possible.

“Salt” – A Thanksgiving Story –

A Moving Story About Gratitude –

Short Gratitude Story for Kids –

Thanksgiving Chair –

Awesome Thanksgiving Video –

Skit Guys – Thanksgiving: God’s Goodness –

Praise Song: I Am Thankful –

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Closing Song: We Plow the Fields and Scatter –