October 2019 – From the Pastor’s Desk

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August 25, 2019

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A Faith Story – Part Six It was Good Friday, 2018 when Tamara and Samantha, two sisters with very different life experiences, met to discuss the final arrangements for Samantha’s death and make sure everything was in order and ready. Tamara was a respected doctor with a successful career and fulfilling marriage with a husband who loved her very much. Samantha was a much loved mother and grandmother who had lived some of her life on the streets and had often struggled to stay alive. More times than she could count, Samantha had wished she was dead. Now, it was about to become reality....

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August 18, 2019

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A Faith Story – Part Five Six months had passed since Dr. Tamara and her sister, Samantha, had met each other after thirty-five years of being apart. Samantha’s granddaughter, Faith, was a patient of Tamara’s at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, dealing with multiple health issues and still faced an uphill battle if she was to live. Faith’s mother, Sahara, was now facing the possibility of losing both her daughter and her mother as Samantha had been told by her doctor’s she had only about six months left before her disease would end her life. While Tamara and Samantha had both...

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July 28, 2019

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A Faith Story – Part Four Tamara could not believe what her younger sister, Samantha, had asked her to do the very first time they had seen each other in over thirty-five years. In as plain words as one could ever use, Samantha had said to her older sister, who was a doctor at The Hospital for Sick Children, “’I want you to help me end my life.’” For a moment, Tamara had said nothing, and then the words burst forth from her, “No! Never! What are you talking about?” “I know my daughter, Sahara, has told you that I’m very sick,” Samantha had replied calmly. “I’m not sure she knows just how...

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July 21, 2019

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A Faith Story – Part Three Samantha and Tamara sat across from one another, hands locked together as they reached across the table in the hospital cafeteria. Sahara was sitting with her five year old daughter, Faith, in Faith’s hospital room while Sahara’s mother, Samantha, was catching up with her own older sister, Tamara, who was Faith’s doctor at the Hospital for sick children in Toronto. The two sisters had not seen each other for over thirty-five years after Samantha had left their London, Ontario home to live on the streets after having been abused by her aunt’s husband as a young...

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July 14, 2019 sermon

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A Faith Story – Part Two It was Easter Sunday, 2018, when Tamara watched her sister being killed. At least that’s what the records showed. But Samantha had died many times long before that fateful day. Tamara and Samantha were born in the late 1960’s in London, England to parents from a multi-racial lineage. Tamara was two years older than Samantha and had a dark complexion with an oval face framed by dark, curly hair. Samantha had a narrower face with high cheekbones and straight, blonde hair that was of a fine texture. In the early 1970’s, the family immigrated to Canada and settled in the...

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